Pest Control Brown Recluse Spiders Springfield Missouri More Dangerous In Winter

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Pest control brown recluse spiders Springfield Missouri keeps exterminators busy during the fall. You may think brown recluse spiders hibernate in the winter, but they are actually more active – not because of the cold (they are naturally resistant to cold, and in fact, can survive in freezing cold temperatures) – but because they are looking for food! Brown recluse spiders are nighttime hunters, trapping other insects in their webs. They prefer cockroaches, crickets and other crawling bugs, as well as ants and other spiders. They can be active in areas of your home where it’s warm because there are other insects to eat.


While brown recluse spiders usually only bite if they are disturbed or threatened, sometimes our unintentional actions, like rolling over in bed or when putting on shoes that have sat in the back of the closet for a while, can seem like a threat. They build webs inside boxes, in dark attic spaces and closets, and underneath old furniture. Reaching into those areas when brown recluse spiders are present can have unpleasant consequences. It’s a good idea to shake out boots and shoes, as well as winter coats that have been stored away during the summer, before putting them on. It’s an even better idea for you to schedule pest control brown recluse spiders Springfield Missouri!


People’s reactions to a brown recluse spider bite vary, depending on where the bite is located and how much venom was injected. You probably won’t notice a brown recluse spider bite because it isn’t painful at first, but once the side effects begin to appear, usually within a few hours, you can’t ignore it. Usually the bites just cause mild skin irritation (redness, swelling and blisters), but they can also cause severe skin lesions. In most cases, the bites heal on their own with no lasting tissue damage, but more extreme symptoms can include fever, convulsions, itching, nausea and muscle pain, or tissue damage.


Although there has never been a verified fatality due to the spider’s venom, there is significant evidence that the bites can result in bacterial infections and necrosis. In this instance, deep scarring can occur and skin grafting may be necessary. If you suspect you’ve been bitten by a brown recluse spider, it’s important to seek medical attention right away. 


There are things you can do outside your home that can help deter brown recluse spiders (and other insects) from invading your home. Cut back tall grass and weeds, and keep thick shrubbery away from the foundation of your home. Further, before bringing items that have been stored in sheds and garages, or your attic, check first for spiders and their egg sacs. Also, doors, windows, and screens are potential entry points for spiders, so check these areas and make sure they fit properly and are tightly sealed.


An infestation of brown recluse spiders can sometimes be difficult to eliminate. Applying over-the-counter products yourself are ineffectual since the brown recluse does not ingest residual traces of insecticides just by crawling across the floor. Pest control products must be applied directly to the spider and should be handled by a professional pest control provider. When done correctly, pest control brown recluse spiders Springfield Missouri is a better solution. Importantly, it also helps prevent infestations of other insects like ants, moths and flies because they are a source of food for spiders.


The brown recluse spider can stay active in your home all winter long, and if there is even a slight chance of being bitten you need to take steps to prevent it. A spider infestation should not go untreated. If you’ve noticed a brown recluse in your home, call Expert Pest Solutions for a detailed inspection and pest control brown recluse spiders Springfield Missouri. 



When Expert Pest Solutions in the greater Springfield is called for pest control services, we perform a thorough inspection, inside your home and out, ensuring no pest-related issues are present. We will identify any existing conditions that would increase the risk of future pest problems. Pest control brown recluse spiders Springfield Missouri during the fall months is beneficial for lasting protection through the winter. Call us today to schedule an inspection and treatment. Ask about our affordable Quarterly Pest Control plan.



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