Pest Control Roaches – Roach Control and Prevention in Winter – Springfield, MO

Effective pest control roaches begins with you. Roaches can move into your house during cold weatehr and multiply at a rapid rate. To prevent a cockroach infestation in your Springfield, Missouri home, there are several have-to steps to take.

Roaches like dark, damp places – a particular favorite spot for nesting is under the kitchen sink and in the dishwasher – yes! The dishwasher – it’s the perfect environment for cockroaches (underneath the refrigerator is a favorite, too). They love to eat and where else is better than in the kitchen where leftover food particles can often be found? And they like warm areas to build their nests – and the warmth of the appliances in the kitchen makes this ideal for their needs. So what do you do for pest control roaches in your home?

Expert-Pest-Control-Roaches-Winter-Springfield-Missouri-Start by working out a strategy to get rid of them once and for all. Prevention heads the list, followed by eliminating the three things they need the most for their survival – food, water, and a warm bed.

  • Be very careful about containers that you bring into your home from the grocery store, roadside stands and flea markets, for example. Roaches like to hide in boxes and bags and can easily hitch a ride to your house. So before you bring the containers inside, inspect them while still outside.

  • In your home, you need to clear out any clutter, especially in the kitchen and pantry areas. Get rid of your collection of plastic store bags (donate them for recycling); toss out empty boxes and miscellaneous containers and old stacks of newspapers.

  • Check for water leaks and fix any you find. Roaches need water more than they need food, so if you find leaky pipes or standing water anywhere in your home (be sure to check the basement around the water heater and washing machine), take care of it immediately.

  • Maintain a clean house, especially the kitchen and dining room. Clean up food sources – crumbs, leftovers, pet food. Don’t leave the sink full of dirty dishes and sweep the floor after cooking. Store leftover food in airtight containers. Vacuum carpets and shake loose area rugs outdoors frequently, and vacuum your furniture, especially upholstered furniture where people eat (den, movie room).

  • Check around windows and doors and other areas that roaches can gain access to from outside; seal up gaps around plumbing pipes using flexible caulking, and patch cracks and crevices in the foundation or porches and sidewalks near the house.

All of these steps will help with pest control roaches, but they won’t eliminate the problem entirely. Chemical sprays and other over-the-counter treatments might kill the roaches that you see, but they don’t kill the ones in hiding or the eggs (and they lay eggs everywhere!) You’re going to need a professional treatment plan for this.

Effective pest control roaches can best be achieved by a thorough extermination of your home by professional exterminators. Expert Pest Solutions offers preventive treatments to protect your home from roach infestation.

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