Pest Control Brown Recluse Before Winter

Pest control brown recluse spiders in Springfield, Missouri, needs to be done now that weather changes are forcing them indoors. Treatment ahead of time can ensure situations are controlled in the Spring. Although they are not as active out and about, they are building their nests in those cracks and crevices that we can treat so that you are ahead of the situation come Spring. Bites from this pest are serious and the risk of getting bitten is high if they have a presence in your home. They like to hide out in dark places (think the insides of shoes in the bottom of a closet). Most bites are by accident. Although brown recluse are not aggressive, preferring to avoid people, if they feel threatened they’ll defend themselves by biting.


According to a University of Missouri entomologist, the brown recluse is opest-control-Brown-Recluse-Spider-Expert-Pest-Control-Springfield-MOne of three venomous spiders in the United States – the other two are the black widow and the hobo spider. The bad news is that the brown recluse’s bite injects hemotoxin, producing a blister that turns black and sloughs off within the first 24 hours, leaving an ulcerous, open wound. It takes six to eight weeks to heal and leaves a permanent scar. In some rare cases, the bites can lead to fever, rash, vomiting, coma and even death within two or three days. The good news is there is pest control brown recluse Springfield, Missouri, that can detect and eliminate this toxic pest.


Tip: If brown recluse spiders are known to be in your home, accidents can be avoided by checking clothing, shoes, and bedding each time the items are used.


If someone in your home is bitten by a brown recluse spider, take immediate action:


  • Wash the site of the spider bite.
  • Apply a cold compress.
  • Apply a general antibiotic to the site to minimize the risk of secondary infection.
  • See a doctor as soon as possible and try to capture and take the spider with you so the bite can be confirmed as a brown recluse bite.


Homeowners can reduce the likelihood of a large brown recluse population by minimizing clutter and sealing boxes. Better yet, replace cardboard boxes with plastic storage bins.


Expert Pest Solutions in Springfield, Missouri, suggests that homeowners avoid spraying chemicals for pest control brown recluse spider on the inside of your home as it can possibly create more of a problem than it helps due to the risk of inhaling toxic spray repellents.


Professional pest control brown recluse uses products that can be effective when applied to the spider’s hiding places. Technicians will come into your home and conduct a thorough inspection, searching in attics, basements, or areas where things are stored for long periods of time. Boxes of papers or files have a lot of cracks and crevices the brown recluse can use for hiding.


While there really is no way to completely eradicate the spiders with 100% certainty, Professional pest control brown recluse spiders have methods to help contain them. Researchers at Kansas University state that “effective population management is possible” with the use of glue traps. If used correctly, they are effective in controlling an infestation of brown recluse spiders better than insecticide sprays.


Tip: When you start pulling out fall and winter clothing, be extremely watchful for these spiders. Nobody wants to get bitten by the brown recluse spider – we’ve all no doubt heard horror stories about the effects on a person’s body after they were bitten. Maybe you or someone you know has gone through this awful experience. It goes without saying that pest control of brown recluse spiders is very important.


If there are pets in the home, it is important to keep pet food in sealed containers. (This can deny food to the spiders). Sealing up access points in the home may also help pest control brown recluse. Seal windows, doors, vents, and cracks in the foundation of your house as soon as possible.


Tip: There are several protective actions homeowners can take for pest control brown recluse spiders:


  • Avoid leaving clothing lying around on the floor of the closet, bathroom or bedroom.
  • Store seasonal clothing and shoes inside plastic containers.
  • Shake out all items that have been in a laundry hamper before wearing or using them.
  • Knock down all the spider webs you encounter, focusing on the outside of your home.


When Expert Pest Solutions in the greater Springfield is called for pest control brown recluse services, we perform a thorough inspection, inside and out, ensuring no pest related issues are present. We will identify any conditions that may exist that would increase the risk of future pest problems. Pest control brown recluse at your home during the fall months is necessary for lasting protection through the winter. Call Expert Pest Solutions in Springfield, Missouri, today to schedule pest control brown recluse spider. We can be reached by calling (417) 413-4776, or on our website