Fall & Winter Pest Control Termites Springfield Missouri

We hope you never need pest control termites Springfield Missouri but if and when you do, call Expert Pest Solutions! Don’t let anyone tell you that termites only cause havoc in the warmer months. Termites dig in and nest and feast anytime they want – even in the fall and winter months. With the approach of winter just around the corner, even though they might not be as obvious, termites can still be present. 

Man removing termite damaged wood from wall


Every year homeowners spend about $5 billion in property damage and repair costs due to termites. That’s why it should be a high priority with homeowners when they’ve discovered termite damage. If left untreated too long, termite damage can run into significant restoration expenses. It is rare but not unheard of for some termite species to damage a home beyond repair. The most destructive termite in the U.S. is the Formosan termite, a type of subterranean termite found in the southern U.S. and in coastal areas. A large Formosan termite colony can cause significant damage to a house if it is not controlled.


You should never let your guard down where termites are concerned.

  • Termites don’t swarm in winter, preferring the warmer months—usually March through November.
  • A mature termite colony can do a lot of damage to your home in the fall and winter.
  • Termite colonies can multiply and the damage to your home substantially increases with colony growth.

Termites can be found inside the walls, foundation, and other areas during the fall and winter where there is shelter from the weather. The only thing that changes when the temperatures fall is their routine. When their summer food sources die due to cold temperatures, they dig alternate tunnels deeper into the ground for warmth, particularly in areas close to or inside a warm house.

If you have never seen termites and the destruction they can cause, you need to learn what to look for and how to proceed. Some signs of termite infestation to look for:


  • Discoloration and buckling of walls and ceilings
  • Sagging drywall and holes
  • Warped and bubbled floors
  • Loose floor tiles
  • Sawdust/crumbling wood
  • Mud tunnels on foundations and wooden structures
  • Swarms of termites

If you see any of these signs, contact a professional pest control termites Springfield Missouri exterminator as soon as possible. They will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and property and find out if termites are actually present. If they are, they can take steps to eliminate the termites.

When termites have gone undetected for a long period of time causing significant damage to the walls and foundation of your home, repairs and – in severe cases – replacement of certain structural supports are needed. There are two main ways to repair termite damage to wood:

  • Replace damaged sections of wood entirely or
  • Add a wood support adjacent to damaged wood.

 It is crucial that adequate temporary support be put in place during repairs in order to maintain the home’s integrity; it will be a simpler and less expensive procedure and works for structural and non-structural repairs. Replacing structural supports are the most complicated and costly. 

Homeowners can often avoid the costs of repairs by taking preventative steps for pest control termites Springfield Missouri. Nothing protects your home more than treatment by a professional termite control company as soon as signs of termite infestation are indicated. The professionals at Expert Pest Solutions know everything there is to know about termites and will do what it takes to protect your home. 

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