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Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown recluse are common in all areas of the Ozarks, and there are many myths about them that cause many people to panic when searching. We have spent a lot of time and effort in finding pest control brown recluse products that are effective when applied correctly at not only controlling them but also continuing to keep pressure low. Experts Pests have decades of experience dealing with pest control brown recluse spiders.



Department of agriculture estimate there are 8-12 colonies per acre in our part of the country. All the termites on earth weigh more than all the humans on earth. An application done correctly with the right product will solve a problem you may currently have but also left undisturbed will continue to prevent termites for several years. We are experts when it comes to pest control for termites.


Ants are the most common call we get, many of the ant species we battle in the 417 area do what's called budding typically when stress is put on the colony. Weather change and pesticide application are the 2 most common reasons, so rather fighting one problem you may end up fighting multiple if the wrong products are used. We offer a call back guarantee on our ant services and while not all can be avoided our call back rates have never been lower.


Customer Service

We work hard at being specialized with each customer. We are locally owned and all of us are involved in our community, so taking care of our customers is very personal to us. Whether its the way you want to be communicated with for scheduling or any unique concerns you have in the way the service is performed we personalize your service. Our office is local, during busy times Paige may be on the phone when you call but you will get a return call from someone here in the Ozarks. We utilize software that customers can log in to pay for services, view history, and are paperless. We are strive to be your first call for pest control for termites, ants, spiders and more.

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