Ozarks Area Pest Control Brown Recluse, Black Widow Hobo and Yellow Sac Spiders

expert pest control brown recluse spiders black widow spiders springfield missouriPest control brown recluse spiders entails taking effective measures to get rid of spider infestations, for not only brown recluse but also black widow spiders and other species that are common to Springfield, MO and the surrounding Ozarks area.

There are many spider species in our area of the Midwest, and although most of them are harmless, there are several that are not. The most prevalent are black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, hobo spiders and yellow sac spiders. These spiders are all very poisonous to humans, and their bite can cause serious health issues when not treated quickly and properly.

expert pest solutions pest control black widow spiders springfield missouriNow that Fall is here, with shorter days and cooler temperatures, along with the change of season comes the annual migration of spiders from outside our homes to the inside at night to stay warm and forage for food, while the mature male spiders also begin looking for mates.

Many spiders, including the brown recluse, hunt for food at night, trapping other insects in their webs. They prefer roaches, crickets, ants and other crawling bugs, as well as other spiders. 

With their increased activity, this is the time of year when you are most likely to encounter a brown recluse or black widow spider in and around your home. While there has never been a verified fatality due to a spider’s venom the bites can result in bacterial infections and necrosis. As a result, deep scarring can occur and skin grafting may be needed. It’s important to seek medical attention right away if someone is bitten by one of these spiders. If there is even a slight chance of being bitten you need to take steps to prevent it.

brown recluse spider pest control expert pest solutionsThese spiders can stay active in your home all winter long and pest control brown recluse prevention is an absolute necessity to eliminate infestations inside your home and around your property.

If you’ve noticed a lot of spider activity in your home, call Expert Pest Solutions for a detailed inspection and pest control brown recluse spiders, black widow spiders, hobo spiders and yellow sac spiders. We’ll keep them away from you, your family and your pets, and ensure a safer and healthier home environment. We have tried-and-true strategies for preventing spiders from taking up residence in your house.

Our pest control brown recluse spiders services in Springfield, MO, during the fall months is beneficial for lasting protection through the winter. On every service, our licensed, trained and experienced technicians can knock down the webs outside your house and treat the exterior. This will keep the spiders busy outside, rather than busy inside. Call us today to schedule an inspection and treatment. Ask about our affordable Quarterly Pest Control plan.

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