Pest Control – Spider Infestation in the Fall

Fall pest control season is upon us, and chances are you have already encountered a few spiders around the house. There are many spider species in the our area of the Midwest, and although most of them are harmless, there are several that are not. You should be able to identify the ‘Fab Four’ spiders right off the bat, and those are: 1 – black widow spiders, 2 – brown recluse spiders, 3 – hobo spiders and 4 – yellow sac spiders. These spiders are all very poisonous to humans, and their bite can cause serious health issues when not treated quickly and properly.

expert pest control spider-identificationSpiders start crawling out of their nests in late Summer and early Fall. They need more space to spin their webs, and the mature male spiders begin looking for mates. Spiders can be found in your yard, garden and flower beds. When the temperatures drop and Fall starts turning into Winter they start looking for a place to hibernate and your home becomes their ideal spot. Pest control prevention for spider infestation is an absolute necessity when this happens. Get them before they invade all nooks and crannies of your home.

Spiders don’t mind cold weather – they are by nature resilient to death by freezing – but since their food sources do not like Winter weather, spiders will go where the food source is – your house. The usual house bugs and other insects that like these living condition serve as a spider smorgasbord. Since they tend to nest in dark, moist areas, this creates the perfect environment for spiders because it’s a prime breeding and nesting ground. Don’t lose heart here – there are things you can do for spider pest control in order to prevent full-blown infestation.

Start by making a thorough inspection of your house. Look for cracks in the foundation, around windows, plumbing lines into the house and doorways. These are areas that seem to just invite the spiders in, and they are really not all that difficult to seal up and keep them out. If they do make it in, and they always seem to, you can take other preventive actions. As soon as you notice a cobweb, wipe it down. Keep things in the house organized as much as possible – clean and clutter-free, and trim plants around the outside of the house – these things will help to discourage the spiders from nesting in those places.

If spider pest control at your house gets out of hand, just give us a call and our technicians will come out take care of the problem for you.

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