Quarterly pest control is a valuable service to homeowners in the Greater Springfield area. As we head into Fall, it’s time to give Expert Pest Solutions a call and schedule pest controls services.  QUARTERLY PEST CONTROL SERVICE FOR SPRINGFIELD AREA HOMEOWNERS EXPERT PEST CONTROL


Benefits of Pest Control Prevent Infestation

If you’ve been a homeowner for any length of time at all, you already know that all types of pests, at one time or another, can invade your home. Whether it’s cockroaches, spiders, rodents or ants – they are going to encroach on your territory.


Pests take up residence inside exterior walls, attic spaces, interior walls and many other areas of the home. Left untreated, pests grow enormous populations, making eradicating them even more difficult than normal. Routine treatments are imperative to prevent pest infestations.


Pest Control: A Healthy Choice

Some families may not realize that many pests carry disease and harmful bacteria that cause illness. When flu-like symptoms appear, it doesn’t necessarily mean it IS the flu. Flies, ticks, roaches, and mice can contaminate your home environment, putting your family at risk for pest-related illness.


Pest Control Prevents Damage

Wood damage caused by termites, carpenter ants, and other pests is expensive and difficult to repair. These invasive pests burrow deep into wood support beams, compromising the home’s structure. Load-bearing studs can weaken and bend, and irreparable warping can occur.


Preventing these types of damages from pests is important to sustain the integrity of your home. Further, you can avoid future costly repairs for the damage from termites and other pests. Regular treatments, in addition to monitoring of bait stations, effectively stops wood damage before it can happen.


Pest Control Saves Money


Regular extermination services can improve your comfort and standard of living, it’s true. But when it comes to investing the money, that’s when some homeowners hesitate because of the expense. We understand that you want to save money, however, what you may not realize is that year-round service actually SAVES you money in the long run.


Hiring an exterminator only after your home has been infested by pests costs more than routine treatments. Because of the difficulty in eliminating established nests and colonies, it requires extra visits by the exterminator, which you pay for each time. Regularly scheduled treatments for pests costs less as a package.


More importantly, repairs for damages to your home can be extensive, in terms of both time and money. You can avoid future expense and problems by scheduling routine control and monitoring services.



Expert Pest Solutions offers a quarterly service plan  to the Greater Springfield area, including Ozark, Nixa, Republic and Strafford, and the surrounding communities.


With this plan, we visit your property every three months. Each season of the year presents different challenges with pests. Our goal is to control the current pest related issues and prevent any that may be forthcoming. Payment is required at the beginning of each quarter, with no additional charge for returning between visits for treatment of covered pests.


Expert Pest Control Services

Don’t wait until you see a mouse or a cockroach before calling an exterminator! Take action now and get a head start on pest control for the approaching Fall and Winter seasons. As your chosen experts, we will do whatever it takes to solve your pest problem and keep your home free of pests all year long.

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