Pest Control Springfield Missouri Keeps Mice & Rodents Out!

expert-pest-springfield-missouri-rodent-mouse-2018It’s time for pest control Springfield Missouri, now that weather changes are bringing in the furry friends – mice. With the arrival of cooler temperatures, mice and other rodents are looking for a safe, warm spot for the winter where they will have plenty of access to food and water all winter long. Mice live where people live and we can inadvertently provide a great source for a mouse’s basic necessities.


Your home should be a comfortable and inviting refuge to come to after a long day at work. A place where you can invite friends and family over to share a nice meal and enjoy the time spent inside and out of the cold. It is definitely not a time you want to be embarrassed by seeing evidence of mice in the kitchen.


It doesn’t take long for a mouse infestation to get out of control. Whether there are mice in your walls, or rats living in the basement, you need to protect your family and your home from the damaging effects of these disease-ridden pests. Pest control in the fall and winter can eliminate the pests from your home. 


In most homes mice (if they aren’t already inside) move in through open doorways, cracks in the foundation, openings in the attic (often where insulation is missing) or in walls where plumbing lines enter the house – they are small and can flatten their bodies, so they can get inside in many ways. It’s much easier for them to get in than it is for you to get them out. This is why pest control Springfield Missouri is important right now.


Once inside they look for a hiding place – sometimes in a closet, the attic, or a storage room. Mice will prefer nesting in warm, dark spaces – in the basement, by the water heater, in a dark crawlspace, or around cracks in your home’s foundation – these all make for perfect hiding spaces for mice to nest and multiply.


It’s a good idea to call for pest control Springfield Missouri to fully inspect areas where mice might be gaining access to your home. Have them check the attic for missing sections of insulation – filling these gaps takes away the easy access for mice. Other areas to check for mice infestation are:

Most of us store things in our garages that are left untouched for long periods of time, and this can create an inviting space for mice to start a nest and remain undisturbed. If household trash receptacles are kept inside the garage, this provides a virtual shopping paradise for food for mice. Pest control Springfield Missouri can remove the mice there and make suggestions to the homeowner to help prevent further problems, such as sealing off entrance points and finding a better solution for stored items.


The interior of your walls provides a perfect hideaway for mice. Hearing the sounds of mice skittering inside the walls might be the first time you even notice they are there. They can be difficult to remove once they’ve fully taken over. Pest control Springfield Missouri can eliminate the mice, but it’s important for homeowners to seal off any entrance points to keep mice from making their way inside your walls again.


Mice use the ductwork as a convenient route to travel around your house. If you have an infestation, there’s little doubt that you can smell the odor when the heat is blowing through the vents. You will probably need pest control Springfield Missouri to come to your home and clean out and repair the ductwork. A regular treatment schedule will keep pests out and avoid the potential for sickness that can spread through the ductwork once mice have moved in.


This is often the first place evidence of a mouse infestation is discovered because a kitchen, pantry, food storage cabinets, and trash cans provide a luxurious banquet for the rodents. If there is any moisture from any source – under the sink, the icemaker hose on the back of the fridge, a leaky dishwasher drain – all are sources for water. Food containers, especially open ones and food left out overnight, for example, attract mice. Homeowners need to examine their stored food for contamination and discard it immediately.


  • Mice and rats carry a host of bacteria and disease that contaminates every surface they touch. 
  • They eat from our kitchen pantries and trashcans, they drink from faucets and pet dishes.
  • They rest in the walls, basements, and crawl spaces.
  • Unlike hibernating pests, roaches, mice, and rats will nest and breed all year long right under your nose.


Disease from rodent contact can quickly spread to everyone in the household if not taken care of. If evidence of mice is found around your food supply, call for pest control Springfield Missouri as soon as possible. The technician can eradicate the mice from your home.


Expert Pest Solutions offers a quick and timely way to manage pest control Springfield Missouri – the sooner the better! We will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection, inside and out, ensuring no mouse-related issues are present. We will identify any conditions you may have that increase the risk of future pest problems.


An integrated approach to controlling mice works best. Once the species has been identified and an investigation conducted into where they are nesting, an effective treatment plan can be devised and actions taken.


Inspecting your home during winter months is crucial for lasting protection. Give Expert Pest Solutions a call today to check out your attic, basement, and surrounding areas to prevent mice infestations before they start. Ask us about our quarterly service plan for ongoing pest control Springfield Missouri. We can be reached at (417) 413-4776.