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Expert-Pest-Control-ant-exterminator-house-ants-pest-control-blogAn ant exterminator can not only treat your home for these pesky insects but can also perform routine inspections, provide highly effective treatments that stand up to wet weather conditions and prevent future problems.

Ants can be a real nuisance especially during the warm months of the year. Fortunately, an ant exterminator knows all the tricks for controlling ants. He knows which species are common in this area, what they look like, where they like to build nests, how they access your property and most importantly, how they can be eliminated.

house ants pest control springfield moAnts are social insects that live in colonies, and although ants typically prefer the outdoors, they will come inside your home looking for a cool, dry place to nest and forage for food following heavy rains or during excessively hot days. While house ants do not pose a health threat, they can contaminate food that is left out. 

In this area of the Midwest, there are only a few common species that cause significant problems with infestations. The types of ants that we usually see around the greater Springfield area include pavement ants, fire ants, Pharoah ants, ‘crazy’ ants, and the most aggravating of all, carpenter ants and odorous house ants.

black carpenter ants pest controlBlack carpenter ants (Camponotus) are the most destructive and come in all shapes and sizes. They build nests inside wet and rotted wood and bore trails and chambers to travel. Colonies grow into thousands of ants and can cause significant damage to your home and outbuildings.


ant exterminator house ants sweet ants pest controlOdorous house ants (Tapinoma Sessile), more commonly called sugar ants or sweet ants, is known for the strong odor (pheromones) they release when crushed. These are tiny, dark colored ants that are found everywhere in the home. Most often seen in the early Spring, once they appear, they quickly grow in numbers.


House ants are relatively easy to get rid of in most circumstances, but over-the-counter products are not all that effective, especially in the long-term. The best way to get rid of house ants is to call an ant exterminator who will find their colony and eliminate it, using products that are specially formulated and highly effective for treating and eliminating house ants. Importantly, the commercial-grade products an ant exterminator uses are made to withstand wet weather and are still as effective as in drier conditions.

odorous house ants pest controlExpert Pest Solutions ant exterminator service can provide a long-term solution for controlling house ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, wasps, fleas, millipedes, crickets, and mice. Our Quarterly Service Plan includes proactive monitoring and preventative treatments, starting with a thorough inspection inside your home and around your property. Once the species of ants have been identified, the next step is to decide on the most effective treatment protocol.

quarterly-pest-control-services-expert-pest-solutions-homeOur quarterly service plan provides year-round service for not only house ants, but all covered pests inside your home. An ant exterminator will come to your home every Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter to perform your service to resolve your pest issues. Between regular visits, there is no additional charge for an exterminator to return to control any covered pest.

Expert Pest Solutions is scheduling now for inspections and treatment by a professional ant exterminator. We offer competitive rates and top-notch service.

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