Pest Control in Springfield Missouri – Call the Pros!

Pest control can prevent roach infestation. What do you do when there is a roach infestation in your home and nothing you’ve tried works? We understand you might want to save money. Or you may just think it’s a simple fix and all you need to do is put out some traps. Pest control roaches is best left to the pros when you want effective, safe treatment for roach infestations.



Along with the cold winter weather comes insect invasions. Rodents and roaches to name only two. So what can you do? First, take steps to prevent them from getting inside. Roaches are so small they can gain access through the tiniest little crack or crevice. Here are some suggestions for pest control of roaches.


For the most effective pest control in Springfield Missouri:

  • Inspect your property – inside and out – for signs of pests.
  • Check for cracks around windows and doors.
  • Seal gaps around plumbing pipes.
  • Patch cracks in the foundation, porches and sidewalks.


Roaches like warm spaces where they have ready access to food and water. So the logical place to start looking inside is the kitchen. Turn your attention to the places where you store and prepare food. Clean and clear pantry clutter – get rid of your collection of plastic grocery sacks and throw out empty and near-empty containers of food. Not only are the kitchen and pantry a veritable smorgasbord for pests but it’s also warm and toasty. All those electrical appliances generate heat. Pests love building their nests close to the heat source. You can’t very well turn off all the appliances all the time, so obviously keeping them from getting inside the house in the first place is the most important step. 


Don’t leave the dinner dishes sitting out overnight. Take extra steps to make your kitchen sterile and banquet-free – for pest control, that is. Are your furry pet’s food and water dishes sitting out in the open? Cover them when not in use. Sweep the floor after cooking and store leftovers in covered containers. Vacuum carpets and shake loose area rugs outdoors frequently. Vacuum your furniture, especially upholstered furniture where people eat.


Here’s a tip – don’t allow anyone to eat any kind of food anywhere in the house but the designated dining area. Voila! No crumbs and scraps just sitting there waiting to fill a mouse or roach tummy.


Next, examine all the sinks and faucets and other sources where water enters the house. Fix any water leaks you find. Roaches need water more than they need food, so if you find leaky pipes or standing water anywhere in your home (be sure to check the basement around the water heater and washing machine), take care of it immediately.


Look elsewhere in the house – closets, storage rooms, attic crawlspace – if you have acquired 10 years worth of phone books – do you really need them? Pitch them out! Are there stacks of old newspapers waiting to be read? It isn’t going to happen! Throw them in the recycle bin.


Pest control can be expensive – don’t worsen it by wasting money at the big box store on over-the-counter sprays, glue traps and roach-motels. They really do not work. You can sink some serious coin into trying DIY pest control of roaches but chances are you’ll end up calling the professionals for help anyway. (Happens all the time).


Our trained technicians at Expert Pest Solutions have seen it all and they know exactly what to do and how to do it when it comes to pest control in Springfield Missouri and the outlying area. They will come to your home and conduct an extremely thorough inspection – looking in all the favorite hiding places for roaches. Once they identify the species and where they are nesting, they can determine the best plan of treatment and proceed accordingly. All for a fair, competitive rate.


Let Expert Pest Solutions take care of your pest control issues today before it gets completely out of control. Ask us about our quarterly service plan for year-round prevention of pests! Call 417-413-4776, or visit us ONLINE. Pest control Springfield Missouri should be done the sooner the better.