Pest Control Termites Prevention Is Essential In Springfield Missouri

expert pest solutions pest control termites springfield missouri areaPest control termites services are available to homeowners and businesses in Springfield Missouri year-round. As an essential service that we provide, early detection and treatment can prevent significant damage to your property from this insidious insect. That’s why it’s so important to schedule a comprehensive inspection periodically throughout the year to stay ahead of the problem.

Expert Pest Solutions has been an established exterminating service in the greater Springfield Missouri area for several years, with a flourishing customer base numbering in the thousands. Homeowners and businesses know they can rely on our trusted pest control termites services to avoid costly structural damage to their homes with preventative pest control termites inspections and treatments.

Don’t let anyone tell you that termites aren’t anything to worry about, because statistics show otherwise. In fact, research indicates that homeowners spend billions in property damage and repair costs due to termites every year! We have seen the actual damages that termites have caused – and when they’ve gone undetected for too long, the worse the damages are. This is why it’s imperative that property owners take the matter of pest control termites seriously. Termite damage restoration and repairs can be significant, and although it is rare, it is not unheard of for some termite species to damage a structure beyond repair.

If you have never seen termites and the destruction they can cause, it can be helpful to learn how they behave and how to identify them. Some signs that indicate you may have a termite problem are:

  1. Discoloration and buckling of walls and ceilings
  2. Sagging drywall and holes
  3. Warped and bubbled floors
  4. Loose floor tiles
  5. Sawdust/crumbling wood
  6. Mud tunnels on foundations and wooden structures
  7. Swarms of termites

expert pest solutions pest control termites identification chartIf you see any of these signs, contact a professional Springfield Missouri exterminator as soon as possible. They will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and property and find out if termites are actually present. If they are, they can take steps to eliminate the termites. We have information on our website and in previous articles that can improve your knowledge about termites.

When you call for a pest control termites inspection in the Springfield Missouri area, our expert technicians will inspect inside the walls, around the foundation, and under the floors of your home or business property, which are typical places where termites can be found. Termites will enter a structure looking for food and a place to nest. They are active in every season of the year; in cold weather, they are looking for warmth; in warmer weather and rainy periods, they are looking for a dry place to establish their colonies. Sometimes they will dig tunnels deep into the ground, especially in areas close to or inside a warm house.

We do termite inspections for the greater Springfield Missouri metro including Nixa, Ozark, Strafford and Rogersville. We’ll look for any visible signs of termite presence and provide treatment to all structures. 


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