Termites – Inspection – Treatment – Springfield MO

Termites swarming season is quickly approaching in the Springfield area. Although these pests only swarm in warm or hot weather, their colonies can live year-round, and with the weather changes in the springtime, they begin to swarm, and they are going to cost you.


Have you ever woken up on a beautiful spring morning and walked into your kitchen to find thousands of tiny insects swarming around everywhere? They’re either flying all over the place or lying dead on the floor. This is what a termite swarm looks like. Termites come out of their colonies to breed and to start new colonies. If you have witnessed a termite swarm, you can be sure there is a well-established colony nearby.

Expert-Pest-soultions-pest-Control-Termite-Pest-Control-Professional-Springfield-Missouri.Termites can cause serious long-term damage to your home. And fixing the problem is not as simple as just sweeping them out the door. If you ignore them and don’t get the treatment it can cost you a lot of money. You need to be pro-active now with the treatment of termite infestation.


Protecting your home from these invasive pests can be likened to how you protect your home from burglars – you take steps to prevent a robbery. Just as you provide security to protect the possessions in your home, you need to secure against a termite invasion, as well.


A breeding termite swarm doesn’t just happen indoors; they can be seen outdoors as well, covering a tree, a fence or outbuilding. And even though the swarm is outside your home, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem with termites – they tunnel underground from quite long distances from their colonies, and can easily enter your home.


If you notice a swarm of termites in or near your home, call for a termite inspection right away.


At Expert Pest Solutions, we offer our customers advanced and effective protection against termites. Our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your property, looking for termite activity around the outside of your home and outbuildings to locate the nests. Special attention is paid to storage areas, foundations, soffit access points and other areas where termites are prone to nest in winter. They will inspect the interior of your home, making sure there are no termites preparing to swarm once it warms up in the Spring.


We will discuss with you a termite control plan that is specific to your problem, treating for existing termites and preventing any new infestations. Call Expert Pest Solutions as soon as possible at 417-413-4776, for a whole home inspection and learn about your termite’s pest control options, or visit us online.