Pest Control Brown Recluse Targets Favored Habitats

Expert-Pest-Solutions Pest Control Brown Recluse Habitats blogPest control brown recluse spiders is a specialty of Expert Pest Solutions in the greater Springfield, MO, area. A large number of these spiders are concentrated in this area of the Midwest, and for many people, they can pose a serious threat. Brown recluse are adaptable to the environment and can be found almost anywhere inside and outside your home.

Because of their high reproductive potential, it is more common to find a large population of these spiders than to find just one. If you see any sign of these small, tan-colored arachnids, calling a pest control brown recluse exterminator is imperative.  

Professional pest control brown recluse exterminators in Springfield, MO, know to look for irregular webs consisting of disorderly, very sticky, off-white to greyish threads. The webs are often located in an out of the way corner. Unlike most other web builders, brown recluse leaves the web at night to hunt.  These are usually the male spiders, as the females prefer to stay close to their web.

attic spaces where brown recluse hide

By nature, brown recluse spiders are prone to hiding outside underneath rocks, woodpiles, and dead leaves, in sheds and garages, and other dry, dark, warm locations. Brown recluse populations in Springfield, MO, are usually dense, and they thrive in undisturbed areas inside your home such as dark closets and tight spaces in the attic or basement.

habitat brown recluse basement

Experienced pest control brown recluse seeks out populations in linen closets among stacks of folded sheets and towels, behind couch cushions and underneath furniture, and in recessed corners of closets and dark rooms. 

While brown recluse spiders are not usually aggressive, when they are startled, they go into defense mode and they will bite. They are most dangerous when they get inside shoes, shoeboxes, luggage, coats and clothing.

pest control brown recluse shoes

The venom of a brown recluse contains cytotoxic and hemolytic hemotoxins that can break down tissue. Even though the bite of a brown recluse may not be felt immediately, outside of a small stinging sensation, severe symptoms can develop after several hours and you should immediately seek medical care.

You can avoid a dangerous bite by calling for pest control brown recluse who can target the areas they seek refuge in. If you are concerned that a brown recluse spider has bitten you, it is best to seek medical advice from a qualified provider.

At Expert Pest Solutions, we’ve been providing pest control for the greater Springfield, MO, area for years and we know what to look for when it comes to finding spider habitats and eliminate the problem. With this time of year, it’s common for people to see lots of spider activity – if you suspect you’ve got a brown recluse infestation, give us a call! 

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