Pest Control Brown Recluse Spiders Springfield

Pest control of brown recluse spiders in Springfield presents several challenges. With the cooler temperatures as fall approaches, the spiders start moving indoors looking for warmth. The female brown recluse often lives inside walls, storage boxes and other out of the way places where pest control companies do not spray. The male spider hides out or flees the area when pest control technicians do their spraying.


There is no way to completely eradicate brown recluse spiders with 100% certainty – the only thing you can do is hope to contain them. Unlike other spiders and insects, the brown recluse does not ingest residual traces of insecticides that have been sprayed around just by crawling across the floor. Researchers at Kansas University have issued the statement that ‘effective population management is possible’ with the use of glue traps. If used correctly, they are effective in controlling an infestation of brown recluse spiders better than insecticide sprays.

 Spider Hiding Underneath a Bath Towel in a Hotel Bathroom

When you start pulling out fall and winter clothing, be extremely watchful for these spiders. Nobody wants to get bitten by the brown recluse spider – we’ve all no doubt heard horror stories about the effects on a person’s body after they were bitten. Maybe you or someone you know has gone through this awful experience. It goes without saying that pest control of brown recluse spiders is very important.


Expert Pest Solutions suggests not spraying chemicals for brown recluse spider pest control on the inside of your home can possibly create more of a problem than it helps because the chance of inhaling spray repellents are toxic.


In order to avoid contact with brown recluse spiders, there are several protective actions you can take.


  • Avoid leaving clothing lying around on the floor of the closet, bathroom or bedroom.

  • Store seasonal clothing and shoes inside plastic containers.

  • Shake out all items that have been in a laundry hamper before wearing or using them.

  • Knock down all the spider webs you encounter, focusing on the outside of your home.

Where pets are involved, make sure to keep pet food in sealed containers. This can deny food to the spiders (and any other household insects looking for a free meal). Fall weather and cooler temperatures make it advisable that you begin sealing up access points for brown recluse spiders to enter your home. Seal windows, doors and vents. If there are cracks anywhere around the outside of your house, such as in the foundation, you must seal those as soon as possible.


When Expert Pest Solutions is called for brown recluse spider pest control services, we come to your home and perform a thorough inspection, inside and out, ensuring no pest related issues are present, and also identify any conditions you may have that increase the risk of future pest problems. Inspecting your home during the fall months is crucial for lasting protection through the winter and getting your home ready for the emergence of pests.


Call the pros at Expert Pest Solutions in the greater Springfield area today to schedule a thorough inspection of your attic, basement and the area outside your home to treat for brown recluse spider pest problems before they begin. We can be reached by calling (417) 413-4776, or on our website by clicking here.