Pest Control Ants: What Can You Do to Keep Ants Out?

Expert Pest Solutions Pest Control Ants - How to Get Rid Of blogPest control ants is the most common call we get at Expert Pest Solutions. Seasonal changes typically bring out all kinds of insects, in particular ants. While warmer weather is usually welcome after a long, cold winter, having to deal with annoying, troublesome ants are not. During the late spring and early summer, household ants begin building their mounds and start searching for food, and if left to themselves they will start taking up residence inside your home.

Fortunately for residents of the greater Springfield, Missouri area, there are a lot of easy and effective ways for preventing ants from entering your home. Start by taking a walk around your property and look for places where ants can gain access. Check for cracks around windows and doors, around the foundation, and openings for electrical wiring or plumbing lines. Seal everything with waterproof caulking to make it much more difficult for ants to find their way inside. 

If you discover an ant colony, it’s important to identify where they’re coming from and eliminate their trails to prevent them from continuing to enter your home. Reaching out to an exterminator for pest control ants may be indicated, for both elimination of existing colonies, and prevention of future ones.

Here are a few more tips for pest control ants:

Scout Ants: These are usually the first ants you’ll see in the Spring. As their name implies, they begin early-on scouting for food sources for the colony. When you see the scouts crawling around, it’s a definite sign that more ants will soon follow. This is when you need to take steps to prevent them from entering your home, then call a pest control ants service.

Keep Surfaces Clean: One important step in pest control ants is to deprive them of their food source. Keep the counters and tabletops clean of food items. Wipe the surfaces with cleaning products or a vinegar and water solution to ensure that ants aren’t attracted by spills.

Seal Containers. It’s a simple step to clean up and store leftovers in sealed, air-tight containers. By restricting access to food, ants won’t be able to gain access.

how to get rid of ants in springfield moWash the Dishes: Even though it may be the last thing you want to do after enjoying a meal is to start in on a sink full of dirty dishes, but it’s an important step to deter pest control ants. At least rinse the dishes and put them in the dishwasher so food scraps aren’t left exposed. 

Sweep & Vacuum: By sweeping and vacuuming the floors regularly, you can prevent scout ants from finding a food source.  Right after meals, sweep up any stray food crumbs that may go unnoticed. 

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