Pest Control Ants Springfield, Missouri – Getting Rid of Ants

The best time for pest control ants Springfield, Missouri is right now! Summer is full-blown and insects are thriving! Everywhere we look, we see ants – in and around the home – the kitchen, the living room, the garage. It’s time to gear up and get rid of them and Expert Pest Solutions is ready to do the job and do it right.


Expert Pest Control Ants Springfield Missouri getting rid tiny ants

We hear it every day – “ants have invaded my house! What can I do?” What you can do is call us right now and get

on the schedule for pest control ants Springfield, Missouri for your ant problem. There are also steps you can take to prevent ants from becoming a problem. The common “house ant” that we have here in the Midwest is the odorous house ant. It is a small black ant typically seen on the countertops and in the bathroom.The small insects are particularly attracted to the scent of sugar and grease. Homeowners can discourage them by being proactive and diligently cleaning up any spills quickly. Then clean the surface of the spill with soap or vinegar with water to get all of the food residues. (By only cleaning with water, you may not entirely eliminate the food scents that attract the ants.)


Ants are very social, and they live in colonies. One thing that can make pest control ants Springfield, Missouri more difficult is the size of the colony – the larger it is, the more ammunition required to eliminate them. So if you’re thinking all you need to do is grab a can of insect spray and shoot them when you see them, that’s not really going to help. While you will kill the ones you spotted on the kitchen counter – you won’t be doing anything to get to the source and take care of these aggravating insects for good. You need to target the entire colony, and that’s where pest control ants Springfield, Missouri and Expert Pest Solutions comes in.


We’ve got pest control ants Springfield, Missouri down to a fine art here at Expert Pest Solutions. Addressing ant control is much the same as other forms of pest control – there is no single magical product from the store shelf that will take them out. If you use the wrong type of product, in some circumstances, you may actually cause them to spread and make the infestation worse. Professional exterminators know that by using the right product in the right situation and performing follow up services until the problem is resolved is really the most effective way to take care of pest control Springfield, Missouri. You don’t want that to happen, so give Expert Pest Solutions a call today. We can provide you with a treatment plan that is effective and affordable.


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