Pest Control Ants Springfield Missouri Eliminates Sweet Ants Infestations

expert-pest-solutions-pest-control-ants-springfield.jpgPest control ants Springfield Missouri is an important service for homeowners who have to deal with infestations of odorous house ants (also called sweet ants, or house ants). Every year these nasty little pests start invading our homes, leaving their smelly pheromone trails everywhere. Sweet ants are native to this part of the world but they like our part of the Midwest in particular. In fact, they are the most prolific species of house ant in Missouri.

With the warmer temperatures and frequent rainy days we’ve been having in the area, the season for sweet ants to come around seems to come earlier and last longer. Typically, odorous house ants prefer the outdoors, but they tend to come inside after heavy rain looking for a dry place to nest and forage for food and water. This can be especially problematic because it leads to hordes of ants entering your home, getting into every nook and cranny.

Trying to get rid of these pests with over-the-counter products is truly a waste of your time and money. While you might manage to get a few odorous house ants, they literally number in the millions and it would be virtually impossible to get them all. The best option is to secure the services of professionals who have the expertise and products needed for pest control ants Springfield Missouri. There are specially formulated products for use by professional exterminators that Expert Pest Solutions has found to be very effective.

Once ant infestations have been eliminated, there are a few steps you can take that will improve your chances of preventing them coming back, such as:

  • Odorous house ants are especially drawn to sweet fruits and melons. Avoid leaving food in open food containers sitting out, close cereal boxes after they’ve been opened, keep lids on pots and food storage containers, and seal things tightly with plastic wrap or resealable bags.
  • Ants can live for several years, nesting in colonies underground, in exposed soil and cracks in and around the walls and foundation of your house. These make excellent entry spots for ants. Sealing these areas with a good waterproof sealant can boost the effectiveness of pest control ants Springfield Missouri.
  • House ants are attracted to moist places, so check regularly under the kitchen and bathroom sinks and around the water heater where there might be leaks or drips.
  • Also clean up any areas inside and outside your house where there is standing water; outside spigots and downspouts are a common source of water for odorous house ants and other pests.
  • Odorous house ants loving hiding out in wood piles so if you have stacks of firewood near your home or outbuildings, move them at least forty feet away.
  • Sometimes ants use tree branches that brush against the outside of your house to gain entry. So be sure to keep tree branches trimmed back.

Preventing sweet ants from entering your home is a great way to make sure those pesky ants stay out, along with pest control ants Springfield Missouri proactive treatments. Expert Pest Solutions for pest control ants Springfield Missouri requires proactive monitoring and preventative treatments. Our quarterly service plan is available to residents of Springfield, Branson, Ozark, and all surrounding towns. Routine pest control takes care of all pests, including odorous house ants, mice, roaches, stinging insects, spiders and more.

Expert Pest Solutions is scheduling now for pest control ants Springfield Missouri. Call us at 417) 413-4776 today!

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