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Welcome to Expert Pest Solutions

Welcome to Expert Pest Solutions, understanding specialized pest control service particular for the Ozarks.

Provides year round preventive and pest control services for covered pests, we keep you on a regular schedule and tailor to each customers wants.

One time pest control service to treat for a specific pest. For ant, flea, and cockroach issues we offer a 60 day call back guarantee.

An application done correctly with the right product will solve a problem you currently have but also left undisturbed will continue to prevent termites for several years. We only use Termidor for soil applications.

Quarterly Service Program

Year Round Service

No charge for call backs.

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Less products inside your home.

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Expert Pest Solutions does more than provide pest control services and prevent pests and termites. We are a local pest control company, which means we understand the specific pest pressures that create challenges to those of us that live here.

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Expert Pest Solutions Blog

The Expert Pest Solutions pest control service blog offers helpful articles about the pests that may be invading your home. Check back for new articles!

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