Pest Control Ants with Our Quarterly Service Program

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Pest control ants are the most common call we get at Expert Pest Solutions. House ants are a nuisance but are relatively easy to get rid of in most circumstances. Ants are social insects that live in colonies. The best pest control ants treatment plan is to kill the entire colony. Spraying with repellents will…

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Pest Control Brown Recluse and Black Widow – Prevention Tips

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Pest control brown recluse spiders in the Midwest have long been an issue for exterminators to deal with. Brown recluses are some of the deadliest spiders in Missouri. There are many different species of spiders in our area, but not all are a danger to humans and animals. The brown recluse isn’t normally aggressive in its behavior;…

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Is It Time to Pest Control Termites? Signs to Watch For

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We hope you never need pest control termites but if and when you do, call Expert Pest Solutions! It is crucial to pest control termites now before the these potentially damaging insects have a chance to dig in and do their worst to your home. You may not even know you have termites! If you have…

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Quarterly Pest Control Service Prevents Roaches in 2023


If you need a pest control service visit for roaches, Expert Pest Solutions is the one to call. Our hometown team of pest control service experts offers a wide variety of pest control plans. We can help keep your home bug free all year round. Roaches are a nuisance, and the saying “when you see…

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Pest Control Ants – Carpenter Ants


Pest control ants is an important service for homeowners who have to deal with infestations of any kind of ants. At Expert Pest Solutions, we offer services to pest control ants and most other common household vermin. During the late spring and early summer, household ants begin building their mounds and start searching for food,…

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Quarterly Pest Control Service Eliminates Termites in 2023!


Our quarterly pest control service with Expert Pest Solutions will be sure to eliminate termites in 2023 and keep them out! With our quarterly service program we offer pest control service of ants, roaches, spiders, termites and more to Springfield, MO; Ozark, MO; Nixa, MO; and the surrounding communities. Contact Expert Pest Solutions today to…

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Ant Exterminator Eliminates ‘Sugar Ants’


When you need an ant exterminator in Springfield MO and the surrounding communities of Ozark, Nixa, Republic, Rogersville, and Strafford, Expert Pest Solutions is the one to call. An ant exterminator is important for homeowners who have to deal with infestations of little black ants (also called sweet ants, or house ants). Sweet ants are…

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Pest Control Service Quarterly Program Controls Ants in 2023


We offer a pest control service in Springfield, MO that includes a quarterly service program to keep you from going crazy with all the bugs! A quarterly pest control plan means that a pest control service comes to your home on a regular schedule throughout the year. Brian and his team of professionals take pride…

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