A Pest Control Quarterly Plan Gets Long-lasting Results


Quarterly pest control is effective for treating and eliminating all kinds of insects – rodents, spiders, cockroaches, ants and more. Further, it is affordable and has lasting results, even on rainy days! Routine treatments preceded by a thorough inspection to locate insect nests and identify the types of pests present can solve your immediate pest problem and prevent future issues.


There are many species of insects around the Springfield, Missouri, geographical area. Mice, stinging insects, all kinds of ants and spiders – the list goes on. Some build nests outdoors in old sheds, woodpiles and retaining walls. Others prefer taking up residence inside your home. While some pests are more of a nuisance than a real threat, other pests like flies, ticks, roaches, and mice carry disease and harmful bacteria that contaminate your home and cause illness. Many pests can be easily treated with topical treatments, bait traps and the like, but other species require a bit more work – but the one thing they have in common is – they can ALL be treated and eliminated by a professional pest control provider.


Expert-Pest-Control-Mosquito-Pest-Control-Professional-Springfield-MissouriSome pests like to work their way into your home from the outside through cracks in the foundation and around windows, doors and other openings. Once inside they build nests inside your home’s walls, attics and other areas. If undetected, before you know it you will have a serious pest infestation. The primary benefit of having a quarterly plan for pest control can put a stop to insect infestations in your home, and ensure they don’t come back.


Another important benefit of a quarterly pest control plan is it saves you money! Hiring an exterminator only after your home has been infested by pests costs more than routine treatments. Because of the difficulty in eliminating established nests and colonies, it requires extra visits by the exterminator, which you pay for each time. 


summer pest control springfield missouri beat the heatAre you one of those homeowners who think that pest control treatments aren’t effective when they get wet? Don’t worry – it’s actually just the opposite in most cases. Instead of weakening the pest control product, rain can often enhance its effectiveness. Some insecticides are activated by moisture, and when it rains the insecticide is carried underground to the insect nests, wiping them out before they get a chance to enter your home. Furthermore, the roof overhangs around your home keep the rain away from outside walls and areas around windows, door frames, and cracks where insecticides are sprayed, keeping them dry. So don’t cancel your quarterly pest control plan just because it’s wet outside. Expert Pest Solutions can do our job – rain or shine – and prevent unwanted pests from getting inside your home.


Our goal at Expert Pest Solutions is to surpass your expectations in keeping your property protected from pest infestations. We do that by offering a quarterly plan for pest control that is effective, long-lasting and priced right. We will visit your property every three months, treating any current pest related issues and preventing any that may be forthcoming. Payment is required at the beginning of each quarter, with no additional charge for returning between visits for treatment of covered pests.


Pest-Control-springfield-missouri-annual-service-1Don’t wait until you see a mouse or a cockroach before calling an exterminator! Take action now and get a head start on pest control. We will do whatever it takes to solve your pest problem and keep your home free of pests all year long.


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