Why hire a professional for your pest control services in the Springfield, MO area?

brian-pickens-expert-pest-solutions-springfield-moThere are many benefits of using a professional for your pest control needs. There is a lot more to pest control than just “spraying” a pesticide on a bug. Effective pest management has more to do with what cannot be seen than what actually can be seen. In order to be effective you need to identify the pests, understand different habits/characteristics, and understand the many different types of products that are available. Examples: Some products work great on hard non-porous surfaces but literally do nothing on concrete or other porous surfaces. Some products work great on one species of ant but can actually make a problem worse on another species of ant. These are just 2 basic examples. A lot of time and money is wasted by misapplication by homeowners as well as some untrained or inexperienced technicians that work for pest companies. I am going on my 10th year in this industry and have done my fair share of this, especially in the beginning.

By hiring an experienced professional to take care of your pest control needs you can also feel more comfortable knowing that the health of you and your family (I include pets when I say family) is protected, which probable will be its own blog entry at some point. If you have any additional questions or would like to hire Expert Pest Solutions to be your pest control provider and live in the Springfield, Ozark, Nixa, MO, or a surrounding area and would like to ask any questions or schedule pest control service feel free to call (417) 413-4776 if you need any questions answered or to schedule service.

Brian Pickens

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