What happened in pest control in Springfield, MO week of 03/14/11.

moth-pest-control-springfield-moI enjoy being in the pest control industry for many reasons. Reflecting on this past week, I think of how much I enjoy the constantly changing challenges I get to work at solving for customers. Currently ants are becoming the current challenge. But around the next time I service my regular quarterly customers spiders will more than likely be the pest causing the most pressure on homes.

The most enjoyable pest infestation I solved this week I would have to say was an Indian meal moth infestation at a residence in the Highland Springs subdivision in Springfield, MO. I spoke with this customer about a month ago over the phone, at the time he wasn’t too concerned and was just wanted to ask some basic information. Another customer recommended him to call me. This time, when he called, he said he was ready for me to come out because he and his wife quickly looked through their pantry but are still seeing them. Why did I enjoy this particular situation most? Mainly because the problem needs to be solved by knowledge and a thorough inspection, no chemicals required. In other words it’s typically not something a “rookie” in the pest industry could solve. The ultimate culprit was a bag of walnuts used for cooking, they also were able to work their way into some cashews and some crackers. This house was very clean, and the homeowners question was a basic one; “How could this happen?” The answer is simple and has nothing to do with how clean you are. You can bring an adult or larva into your house many different ways. It could be in food or the packaging. Once inside if they find anything that they can reinfest the problem will continue to grow. There is a picture above of the bottom of the walnuts.

The weather this week was enjoyable as well, which made most people here in the Springfield, MO area pleasant to do deal with. And as always if you live in the Springfield, Ozark, or Nixa, MO; or a surrounding area and would like to ask any questions or schedule pest control service feel free to call (417) 413-4776 if you need any questions answered or to schedule service.

Brian Pickens
Expert Pest Solutions

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