Warm Weather Changes Can Mean Ant Invasion

As the temperatures continue to rise this spring, windows and doors will start to open, allowing that fresh air back in that we enjoyed back in the fall. This is going to become a welcome sign for ants. Yet millions of homeowners around the world have had it with ants. They can be everywhere all at once, then disappear without a trace. How can families fight these invading creatures when the weather starts getting better?

Normally ants enter the house exploiting any type of mistake your house may have. Cracks in the wall are the biggest factor, when plaster and other building material splits over time. Most homes aren’t sealed 100%, so there is air exchange. In between the seams of the wall, areas around windows, even electrical outlet boxes, can become major trafficways for ants.

Ant Invasion

Ant Invasion

Regardless, when extreme weather happens, ants will come in droves into your home. When the weather becomes hot and dry, the ants will be in search of food, water, and shade. The most common ant we have here in Springfield, Missouri is the odorous house ant, which is the small black ant people typically see on countertops. The easiest way to tell you have the odorous black ant is to smash it and see if there is an odor. If it smells like a slightly rotten coconut, you’ve guessed right.

We here at Expert Pest Solutions have begun our Spring service. This service pays special attention to using products that help combat pests like ants. We focus on treatment around windows and doors where many of these pests will be most likely to accumulate. As always, if you are having any specific issues, we will address those as well. These are the basic things we do this time of year, however our service will be individualized for each house.


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