The problems with ants here in Springfield, MO.

Spring is around the corner so that means it is time for us to begin gearing up to solve all the ant problems for people that call on us and our customers that use us as there regular exterminator for there pest control needs. The most common ant we have here is the odorous house ant, which is the small black ant people typically see on there counter tops and in there bathrooms. Easiest way to tell if that is what you have is to smash it and see if there is an odor (yes this is actually true!). Last year I read an article written by an entomologist that said he studied a colony by his office that in his estimate covered a city wide block and included millions of workers. They prefer to feed on plants that produce honeydew, aphids also excrete honeydew which can also attract these ants. The size of the colony makes them difficult to control by baiting alone a majority of the time. So what do we do differently to control them that homeowners and other exterminators don’t do? Well the answer to that question is different in each situation. Ant control is like most other forms of pest control, it is not always about one magical product but more about using the right product in the right situation and performing follow up services until the problem is resolved. Ants can be a real nuisance and if you use the wrong type of product in the wrong situation you can cause them to spread to other areas and make the problem worse.

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