Termite Exterminator Will Protect Your Home From Damage

Need a termite exterminator in Springfield or the surrounding areas? If you suspect a termite infestation, don’t wait! Call Expert Pest Solutions at (417) 413-4776 right away. These insects can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home if not eliminated quickly.
According to the University of Missouri’s 
Extension Service, there are more than 2500 species of termites worldwide In nature, they are considered to be beneficial because they help with the decay of wood. They can be divided into categories based on where they live. Drywood and dampwood termites live inside various types of woods. The other group, subterranean termites, lives in soil and in wood that is in contact with soil. The four species of termites in Missouri are all of the subterranean type.  These are considered serious pests. If you see them, it’s time to call the termite exterminator! You can identify an active termite infestation by the presence of tunnels in the wood,  live termites and a mixture of soil and feces within the tunnels. 
Much like ants, bees, and wasps, termites live in large, organized colonies with different insects filling different roles. A queen lays the eggs. Workers care for the eggs and the larvae and expand the colony by building and repairing tunnels. Soldiers defend the colony against invaders and predators. Nymphs are termites who are developing wings in order to fly away and start new colonies of their own. 
The U.S. Forest Service estimates that termites cause over two billion dollars worth of damage in the United States each year. That’s more than fire and windstorm combined! Subterranean termites, such as those found here in Missouri, can invade your home by burrowing up through the soil. This can happen in areas where the wood is touching the soil, or by termites following cracks or openings in the foundation until they find wood. Once inside, they will maintain contact with the outside in order to obtain the moisture they require to stay healthy. A termite exterminator from Expert Pest Solutions is trained to identify the signs of termite infestation and will know where to look in your home to find termites.
At Expert Pest Solutions, our local crew of experienced pest control technicians offer a variety of services to suit your needs and budget. Our specialized service for termites will send a termite exterminator to your home to identify and treat infested areas. We also offer services for other pests. Our one-time service covers ants, fleas and cockroaches and comes with a 60 day guarantee. If you want to stay ahead of pests, our quarterly service program may be right for you. It covers ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, wasps, fleas, millipedes, crickets, and mice and can be scheduled in advance to meet your needs. 
If you think termites are munching away at your floors and walls, contact Expert Pest Solutions right away. We will send a termite exterminator to examine your home and determine the appropriate treatment to rid you of these pests before they do serious damage. We use only EPA-approved pest control products and follow all applicable safety standards. Because we are your neighbors, we will treat your home as we would treat our own. We offer services in the greater Springfield area, Ozark, Nixa, Republic, Rogersville, or Strafford. Call (417) 413-4776 to schedule an inspection, or request a quote here

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