Summer Heat and Pest Control in Springfield Missouri

Pest control Springfield Missouri cautions that warmer weather always causes a major jump in pest activity. After one of the coolest April’s on record for the Springfield area, followed by one of the hottest May’s on record, the result has been a drastic spike in pest activity, thus increasing the need for pest control Springfield Missouri.

Early in the springtime we typically see ants begin their frenetic activities. Carpenter ants and ticks have invaded our yards much earlier than usual. Cockroaches and termites are thriving, flies are hatching, not to mention, fleas, mice, and spiders – the numbers of irritating pests around us is enough to drive you crazy. That’s why you need pest control, Springfield, Missouri, to help you get a handle on things.

summer pest control springfield missouri

We can help you out with a few pest control Springfield Missouri, prevention tips that can help you to avoid serious pest issues now and throughout the rest of the summer.

  • It will help to deter some infestation if you trim the trees and bushes on your property so that the branches do not come in contact with your house.

  • If you have any moisture problems, like leaking roofs or plumbing, unventilated attic, crawl space or blocked gutters, correcting these issues is a must in order to discourage some species of insects.

  • Replace any rotted or water damaged wood and eliminate any wood-to-soil contact. Termites love this kind of habitat, and so do carpenter ants. Getting rid of the areas they like best will deter them.

  • Keep your firewood stored off the ground and far enough away from your house that any mice or insects living there will not be tempted to come inside.

  • Seal the foundation of your home well, making sure there are no cracks or crevices that can allow insects and mice inside.

  • For the same reason, you should seal around any place that utility pipes and wiring come into your home from the outside.

  • By keeping a well-groomed, trimmed and mowed lawn, you can go a long way to preventing infestations of some of the worst pests of the season.

Even small infestations tend to grow and you don’t want it getting out of control. There are many things you as a homeowner can do yourself to discourage problems. But sadly, it can still be an issue for many of us, and you should not hesitate to call in the big guns when it happens. For pest control Springfield Missouri, Brian Pickens and his company Expert Pest Solutions has the greater metro area covered.

For the best pest control Springfield Missouri you should call in professional exterminators. Let us take care of the problem in the most effective and safe way possible. Call Expert Pest Solutions at (417) 413-4776 or visit us online.