Spring quarterly pest control focusing on ants

If it is time for your next quarterly pest control service. It is very important to stay on schedule with these treatments throughout the year in order to keep the pest pressure down. In March, we begin our Spring service. This service pays special attention to using products that keep the pressure from common pests like ants and spiders down. We will focus on treatment around windows and doors where many of those pests like to accumulate. As always, if you are having any specific issues, we will address those as well. These are the basic things we do this time of year, however our service will be individualized for each house.

If you are not having any problems, we can schedule your service as an anytime exterior, which you will not need to be home for. Treating the exterior is the most important application of your service in preventing pest problems. This time of year we start getting more calls regarding ants, so we will apply Termidor around the exterior of your home in an effort to prevent you from having any ant problems. If you would prefer inside service as well, we can schedule a specific time and day. We will be in your area ______________, if that day will work for you. Please let me know if we can schedule it as an anytime exterior service or if you will need a set appointment time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Remember, as a customer using the quarterly service you have hired us to provide a service throughout each quarter. If you have any pest problems that we cover please contact us so we can return for no additional charge and get your home back to being pest free.


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