Spider Control – Keeping Them Outside

As days get shorter, leaves are changing color, there’s little doubt that it is finally coming around to Fall weather. However, with this change of season comes a time where the annual migration of spiders from our gardens to our homes happens. With the up and down temperatures this time of year, spiders like to come in at night to stay warm, but then go outside the next day to eat. Fall weather represents the time of year you are most likely to encounter a spider in and around your home.

Spiders are the types of insects that no one really wants in their home. No one really needs any insects or pests in their home. Spiders are especially tricky if you live in an area with more dangerous spiders, such as the black widow spider or brown recluse spider. Both of these spiders are common in Springfield, Missouri and their bites can cause dangerous symptoms.

Spider Control - Knocking webs down in the Fall

Spider Control – Knocking webs down in the Fall

Keeping these spiders away from you, your family and your pets helps to keep your home safer and healthier. There are different tactics you can do to prevent spiders from taking up residence in your house.

To avoid brown recluse spiders, avoid keeping clothing on the floor. Store clothing and shoes inside plastic containers, and shake out all clothing that has been in a hamper before wearing or washing.

Avoid black widow spider bites by wearing heavy gloves when moving items that have been stored for a long period of time. Spiders often hide in shoes, so check shoes and shake them out before wearing. When spider webs are visible, use caution before putting your hands or feet in that area.

On every service, Expert Pest Solutions can knock down the webs outside your house and treat the exterior. This will keep the spiders busy outside, rather than busy, inside. Check out or offers on these control services.