Silverfish Control: Home Remedies or Professional Extermination

Silverfish, or Lepisma Saccharina, is a wingless, tiny insect covered in silvery scales, and can be found anywhere in the house – the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room and basement, especially in moist spaces. While they don’t bite or spread disease, they are a nuisance, and can cause damage if not controlled. They like to feed on wallpaper, cardboard boxes, or anything else made of paper, as well as clothing and food items – especially sugar. Silverfish reproduce quickly, and can live up to a year without eating, so you may not readily notice you have a problem. Silverfish usually only come out at night so you may not see them much unless you’re prowling around the house in the wee hours of the night.

Silverfish Pest Control Springfield, Missouri

Silverfish Pest Control Springfield, Missouri


There are many suggestions to be found on the Internet about pest control of silverfish infestation with home remedies in your Springfield, Missouri home, and there are many proponents for this type of natural treatment. But are they really effective? Let’s take a a look at a few of these natural treatments. For example, boric acid, which is a natural occurring mineral, kills insects by causing starvation by adhering to their feet, and getting tracked into the nests. The powder can be sprinkled around the house, or mixed in a solution with water and sprayed. It is dangerous to pets, however.


Diatomaceous earth is an inorganic dust that can be scattered over the suspected silverfish hiding places, and when the insects come in contact with it, they will die of dehydration.


Cedar oil and cedar shavings smells nice to humans, but silverfish don’t like it. You place the cedar shavings or sprinkle the oil around the infested area and wait for the silverfish to go away.


Cinnamon, a favorite household spice, fills your home with a pleasant aroma, but silverfish don’t care for it, so by putting cinnamon sticks in drawers or cabinets, they will depart post-haste.


Citrus peels are said to be a natural repellent of silverfish. Just slice up some lemons or oranges and place the peels wherever silverfish like to hang out and voila! They will vanish.


Cucumber peels are used because they don’t like the way it smells, either, so by placing several thick slices of cucumber peel into the areas where silverfish can enter your home, they will turn around and go the other way.


There are numerous other pest control home remedies: sprinkling table salt around, using home-made traps and dryer sheets, or placing drops of silica gel, camphor and various other oils around. While any or all of these types of deterrents might help some of the time, it won’t be long-term or permanent and just aren’t enough – they don’t kill the adults or their eggs. While there is plenty of folklore about the effectiveness of natural remedies for pest control, there doesn’t seem to be any scientific evidence to support it.


If you find yourself with an unwelcome silverfish problem and want to get rid of them quickly and permanently, call the pros. Total eradication is needed and the best, most effective way is by hiring tried and true professionals. Expert Pest Control Solutions can eliminate silverfish in Springfield, Missouri.


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