Quarterly Pest Control Service Prevents Roaches in 2023

AdobeStock_291941181If you need a pest control service visit for roaches, Expert Pest Solutions is the one to call. Our hometown team of pest control service experts offers a wide variety of pest control plans. We can help keep your home bug free all year round. Roaches are a nuisance, and the saying “when you see one, there’s more you don’t see” is true.

Roaches mostly show themselves at night, hiding during the day (sometimes). It may not seem like a big deal when you see one or two roaches, but in fact, it’s one of the first signs that you are dealing with a full-scale infestation. This is the point when you should get on the phone to a pest control service – before the situation gets even worse. You may not know this, but cockroaches can make you sick. In fact, they actually carry some of the deadliest diseases, like Salmonella Typhi, which causes Typhoid, and Dysentery, which causes severe diarrhea that may include bleeding. This is why it’s so important that you call the exterminator for a pest control service of roaches when you first notice them in your home. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cockroaches are considered an asthma trigger and a source of allergens. If you have a cockroach problem and need pest control service, reach out to Expert Pest Solutions. We will rid your home of these pesky bugs quickly and safely.

To prevent roaches on your own, you can take some of the following steps:

  • Keep your home clean: Roaches are attracted to food scraps and crumbs, so keep your home clean and free of clutter. Clean up spills and crumbs immediately, and keep food stored in sealed containers.
  • Seal cracks and crevices: Roaches can enter your home through small cracks and gaps in the foundation, walls, or roof. Seal these openings with caulk or foam insulation.
  • Fix any leaks: Roaches are attracted to moisture, so eliminate any water leaks or standing water in your home.
  • Dispose of garbage regularly: Roaches are attracted to garbage, so dispose of it regularly and keep garbage cans tightly sealed.
  • Keep your yard tidy: Remove any debris or clutter from your yard, as it can provide hiding places for roaches.
  • Use bait stations and insecticides: You can use bait stations or insecticides to kill roaches. Place bait stations in areas where roaches are likely to hide, such as under sinks and in cabinets.
  • If all else fails – hire a professional pest control service: If you have a roach infestation, it’s best to hire a professional pest control company to treat the problem. They can use specialized products and techniques to eliminate the roaches and prevent them from returning.

Expert Pest Solutions offers a variety of service plans to suit your needs and budget. Our one-time service for ants, fleas and cockroaches comes with a 60-day guarantee. While it is not recommended for long-term pest management, this service is great for getting a handle on a pest outbreak. Our quarterly service plan is just right for those who want longer-term pest control service without trouble. You can set the schedule that works for you, and our team of expert technicians will come to your home four times per year to inspect your home and treat it. This service covers ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, wasps, fleas, millipedes, crickets, and mice. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that we are staying on top of any pest issues in your home, as well as the convenience of a set treatment schedule. We also offer specialized services for brown recluse spiders, ants, and termites.

Know that when you choose Expert Pest Solutions, you are choosing to work with local people who understand the pests that inhabit the Springfield area and know how to deal with them. When you’re ready to rid your home of roaches, you can request a quote for a pest control service from our website or give us a call at (417) 413-4776. We serve customers in the greater Springfield, Missouri and surrounding communities of Ozark, Nixa, Republic, Rogersville, and Strafford.

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