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Expert-Pest-Control-Fleas-Ticks-Springfield-Missouri-grassy-yardPest control of fleas is keeping professional exterminators busy in the Springfield, Missouri and Ozark area. That’s because this is prime-time for fleas and without implementing some type of pest control, they can quickly get out of hand – including infiltrating your home. Don’t wait another day to call for help as soon as you discover fleas on your pets, in your yard or inside your home.

Flea bites leave tiny red bite marks (usually on the feet – at first), itch like crazy, and in some cases, raised welts or an angry rash will develop. While the itchiness and bite marks will slowly disappear without any long term effects on your health, there can be other, more serious, side effects from flea bites.

Expert-Pest-Control-Fleas-Ticks-Springfield-Missouri-infected-bitesYou may not know that fleas are recognized to be disease and parasite vectors. Although the number of flea-borne diseases is relatively minor in North America, there is more potential now due to more people traveling internationally, in addition to warmer temperatures due to expected climate changes. Not only can flea bites cause allergic reactions in some people and pets, but there are also several different possible diseases they can transmit.

  • The Bubonic plague is the most well-known disease transmitted by fleas. The plague is carried by rodents and transmitted to fleas, and people and animals are infected when the fleas bite them.
  • Murine typhus is a rare disease that occurs when fleas become infected by the rats. Every year a few cases are reported in the U. S., mostly originating in southwestern states. Unfortunately, pets can bring Bubonic plague and murine typhus-infected fleas into your home.
  • Tularemia is a potentially serious illness that occurs naturally in the U.S. It is found mostly in rodents and can be transferred to humans by an infected flea or tick bite.
  • Fleas are known to transmit parasites such as tapeworm. Adult fleas infected with tapeworm may be accidentally ingested by cats or dogs. If you notice your pet is constantly scratching or biting frantically at its fur, you may have a flea problem. As for people, they will usually first notice their feet are itchy, and on closer inspection will see the red bite marks or a rash.

Expert-Pest-Control-Mosquitoes-Springfield-Missouri-Fleas-TicksWe can all agree that nobody wants a yard full of fleas that can hitch a ride on our household pets and get carried into the house. If left untreated, before you know it you’ve got a real problem with fleas jumping around in the carpet and nesting in the furniture. The best way to handle fleas is to first, schedule pest control for fleas, and then take a few simple precautions to help prevent them. Vacuum frequently, wash bedding in hot water – including pet bedding, and check your pets daily for any signs of fleas.

Expert-Pest-Control-Fleas-Ticks-Springfield-Missouri-catsWith our many years of experience in pest control for flea problems, we have developed our own effective flea pest control solution that takes the pain of dealing with fleas out of your hands. Our expert, local certified technicians know exactly what to do when it comes to getting rid of fleas. They can offer the most appropriate and effective solution for flea pest control. It goes without saying that all treatments used are safe for your family and your pets. If you have a flea problem you can’t get on top of you can get in touch with us for fast, effective treatment

Expert Pest Solutions, LLC offers a Quarterly Pest Control Service Plan for each season; summer, fall, winter, and spring! As each season has different challenges with pests, our goal is to control the current issues and prevent the issues that may be forthcoming. You only pay for the services provided when treatment is completed at the beginning of each quarter. There is no additional charge for return visits to treat covered pests between visits. By hiring experienced pest control professionals to manage your flea issues, you will have the assurance that your home and family – even your pets – are effectively protected.

We can be reached by calling (417) 413-4776. We’ll help you to get rid of fleas in your home and prevent fleas in the future. Treatments are effective, safe and affordable!

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