Professional Ant Exterminator Helps with Prevention


When looking for an ant exterminator you want a professional with experience to assist with prevention all around. Seasonal changes typically bring out all kinds of insects, most annoyingly – ants. While we usually welcome the warmer weather after a long, cold winter – having to deal with annoying, troublesome ants is not the idea of a good time. If left to themselves, ants will start taking up residence inside your home. This is why you need a professional ant exterminator to eliminate the problem.

Ants are usually found in your home, in your yard, and just about anywhere. Most common household ants don’t pose any major health threats but that doesn’t mean we want them invading our space. They can contaminate food and surfaces and require professional treatment of an ant exterminator. One of the most common types of ants in the greater Springfield area is the house ant – a tiny, dark colored ant usually referred to as a ‘sugar ant.’ When crushed, they emit an odor that is foul and strong and smells like rotten coconuts. These ants get into everything and are typically found everywhere in a home. These ants are not easy to get rid of, but with an ant exterminator like Expert Pest Solutions you won’t have to worry.

Fortunately for residents of the greater Springfield area, there are a lot of easy and effective ways to prevent ants from entering your home. First take a walk around your property and look for places where ants can gain access to your home. Check for cracks near windows and doors, around the foundation, and openings for electrical wiring or plumbing lines. If there are entry points, seal everything with waterproof caulking to make it difficult for ants to find their way inside. If you discover a colony, it’s important that you identify where they’re coming from and eliminate their trails to prevent them from continuing to follow it into your home. Reaching out to an ant exterminator may be needed, to both eliminate existing colonies, and prevent the formation of future ones. Some good prevention tips include things like making sure to rinse and wipe down the entire sink to ensure you haven’t left residual sweets, food, or moisture behind at the end of each day, wiping the countertops with bleach and pouring it down your drain to eliminate food residue, and absolutely calling the ant exterminator professionals.

If you are concerned with the ants in your home or yard, call the professional ant exterminator at Expert Pest Solutions today! Professional ant exterminators know that by using the right product in the right situation and performing follow up services until the problem is resolved is really the most effective way to fully prevent infestations. We service the greater Springfield, MO area including the communities of Ozark, Nixa, Republic, Rogersville, and Strafford. Give us a call today at (417) 413-4776 or visit our website for more information.

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