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Pest control may not be on your mind much lately, but as the winter season changes to spring, bringing spring showers and warmer temperatures, it’s time to turn our thoughts to preventative pest control measures.


pest control expert pest solutions spring antsMany pests, such as ants and spiders, will soon begin to emerge from their winter nests to begin their life cycle of reproduction. As the season progresses, other pests will follow. That’s why Expert Pest Solutions urges Springfield homeowners to take action now to prevent pests getting out of control, by calling for spring pest control services.


We use products specifically formulated to combat pests that start appearing in spring. Included with our pest control service is inspection of the exterior of every surface, wiping down spider webs and other pest presence. We focus on treatment around windows and doors where many of these pests will be most likely to accumulate. During warmer months a power unit attached to mounted tanks in the truck is used to treat the exterior of the home by applying product to the eaves and around the foundation. This creates a protective barrier, typically requiring 5 or 6 gallons of product. We inspect and treat the interior of most homes with every service, but this can be altered to your preference, as long as it still enables us to do the job safely and effectively. 


Expert Pest Solutions Spring Pest Control Ants Spiders

Expert Pest Solutions offers a quarterly pest control service plan to homes and businesses in Springfield, Ozark, Nixa and surrounding communities. We inspect and provide treatments for every season, and take preventative measures to protect all year round. A one-time charge is incurred at the beginning of the quarter in which the work is done, with no additional charges for return visits during the three month period. Quarterly service charges are $75 per quarter for homes up to 2000 square feet and an additional $10 for every 1000 sq. ft. The initial service costs an additional $40. As always, if you are having any specific issues with specific pests, we will address those as well.


While we don’t recommend one-time pest control services, as it is not effective in achieving long-term freedom of pests in your home, we understand there are certain circumstances that might better fit this service. The cost is slightly more, depending on the severity and scope of the problem, and we guarantee to rid you of the pests we are hired to eliminate. 


While our spring service is our primary focus this time of year, our service can be individualized for each house and any pest. For your Whole Home Inspection call (417) 413-4776 or visit us online . An associate will call as soon as possible.