Pest Control Service Quarterly Program Controls Ants in 2023

AdobeStock_235121680We offer a pest control service in Springfield, MO that includes a quarterly service program to keep you from going crazy with all the bugs! A quarterly pest control plan means that a pest control service comes to your home on a regular schedule throughout the year. Brian and his team of professionals take pride in their work, which means that you – the customer, reap the benefits of the best pest control service around. Ants are on the rise – don’t let them overrun your house this spring!

House ants are a nuisance but are relatively easy to get rid of in most circumstances. Ants are social insects that live in colonies. The best pest control ants treatment plan is to kill the entire colony. Whenever you have had multiple and separate occurrences of an ant infestation, with ants continuing to return no matter what you use to try to get rid of them, it’s clearly past time to call an ant exterminator who can apply treatments that work quickly and effectively. At Expert Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves on our record of experience and knowledgeable staff. We know that while DIY methods can sometimes help with ants, getting rid of them completely always requires the help of an experienced pest control service.

Standard pest control service is your first line of defense against insects, rodents, and other pests that can invade your home or business. With our quarterly pest control plan, we come out each season – spring, summer, winter, and fall. Each season has different pest issues, so we will address the current issues and take steps to prevent any future problems. Spring and summer are the seasons when ants, spiders and termites are most active. Although most of the ants in Missouri are of a type that are harmless to people, an infestation can be annoying and embarrassing. Termites, however, are another story – sometimes causing billions of dollars of damage a year! Most spiders are harmless, but brown recluse spiders are a major concern. If you have any of these pests, or others like rodents, bed bugs or mosquitoes – or even if you don’t but you want to prevent, you need a pest control service you can rely on. When you sign up for our quarterly pest control service plan our technicians will come out to meet with you and inspect your home. They will ask you about any problems you’ve been having, and then go through your home searching for signs of pest infestation and determine what actions to take. If there has been an increase in pests in and around your home, you should tell the technician right away – they will spray immediately to create a barrier inside and outside of your home.

Before leaving your home, the tech will explain the terms of any warranties or guarantees the pest control service provides, which include:

  • Provide service year round for all covered pests inside your home. Ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, wasps, fleas, millipedes, crickets, and mice.
  • Each service is custom fit for each customer and structure and understanding of the pests we most commonly deal with here in the Ozarks allows to choose products specific to our needs.
  • We come out every Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall to perform your service to solve any current pest issues and to prevent future pest problems. We notify you we when we will be coming ahead of time, if you would like a set appointment, we can schedule a set time frame.
  • Between regular visits there is no additional charge for an exterminator to return to control any covered pest.

With over 25 years of experience in the pest control business, we are here to provide excellent and affordable services for our neighbors in Springfield, Ozark, Nixa, Republic, Rogersville, and Strafford. When you’re searching for reliable pest control service don’t be tempted by listings for out-of-town firms whose pre-packaged deals may not fit your situation. Instead, contact your local team at (417) 413-4776 for a quote. If you prefer, you can also get a quote by filling out our online request form. Don’t let ants set up shop in your home this winter. Call us today!

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