Pest Control Roaches: How To Tell If You Have Roaches

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Pest control roaches is not a one-and-done deal; it’s an ongoing process in most cases, even with professional intervention. If you want the best in pest control roaches, look no further than Expert Pest Solutions. Our hometown team of pest control experts offers a wide variety of pest control services and plans.

Many homeowners do their best to tackle a roach infestation with over-the-counter products and sometimes see slight results, but it’s never permanent or complete. Roaches always seem to come back. Therefore, it’s best to rely on the tried-and-true pest control roaches of professional exterminators Expert Pest Solutions; we have the solutions you need. Identifying a roach infestation can be crucial for effective pest control roaches. Here are some signs that you may have cockroaches in your home:

  • Droppings: Roach droppings resemble coffee grounds or pepper. They are small, dark, and cylindrical in shape. You might find these droppings in areas where roaches are active, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or near food sources.
  • Odor: Roaches emit a distinct, musty odor. If you notice a strong, unpleasant smell in certain areas of your home, it could be a sign of a roach infestation.
  • Egg Casings: Roach egg casings, also known as oothecae, are purse-shaped and can often be found in hidden, dark spaces. These casings contain multiple eggs, and their presence indicates a breeding population.
  • Dead Roaches: Finding dead roaches around your home is an obvious sign of an infestation. However, roaches are nocturnal and often hide during the day, so seeing live roaches might be more challenging.
  • Live Roaches: Spotting live roaches, especially during daylight hours, is a clear sign of an infestation. Roaches are fast runners and are usually active at night, so seeing them during the day can indicate a large population.
  • Smear Marks: Roaches produce smear marks on surfaces as they travel. These marks are a result of the oily substance on their bodies. You might notice dark streaks along walls and surfaces.
  • Nibbled or Damaged Packaging: Roaches feed on various materials, including paper and cardboard. If you find packaging with small holes or damage, it could be a sign of roach activity.
  • Sounds: Sometimes, you may hear rustling or clicking sounds, especially at night. While not as common as other signs, some people have reported hearing noise when roaches are present.
  • Nesting Sites: Roaches prefer dark, warm, and moist environments. Check areas such as under sinks, behind appliances, and cracks and crevices for signs of nesting or congregating roaches.
  • Allergic Reactions: For some individuals, an increase in allergic reactions or respiratory issues may indicate a roach infestation. Roach droppings and shed skin can trigger allergies in some people.
If you suspect a roach infestation based on any of these signs, it’s advisable to consult with a professional pest control roaches service. They can assess the extent of the problem and recommend appropriate measures to eliminate the roaches from your home. The most effective pest control roaches typically require a combination of treatment methods and more than one visit to your home. Our professional extermination service will first inspect your home for possible roach infestation sites and then determine which treatment types to use. This may include placing glue strips in strategic spots and monitoring for a few days. When placed in high-traffic areas, such as on top of your countertops, glue strips catch the most roaches. Other methods for pest control roaches may include setting gel bait stations or spraying insecticides in specific areas in your home.
Expert Pest Solutions technicians are trained to help pest control roaches. Since every building or home differs, we will design a unique treatment protocol for your situation. We offer a Quarterly Pest Control plan that accommodates not only roaches but many other pests, as well. Contact us today at (417) 413-4776 to get control of your situation today.