Pest Control Fleas Before They Get Out of Control

As brought home by my dog!

It is best to pest control fleas immediately before they become a much bigger problem. Fleas are quick to infest homes and other places they find cozy – and it only takes one to make an even larger issue! They can be found anywhere in the U.S., and when you have pets in the home, they can be very difficult to gain control of. Take the preventative steps to pest control fleas in your house today!

As soon as you discover fleas on your pets, in your yard, or inside your home – don’t wait! Call the exterminator to pest control fleas immediately! Fleas are a dark reddish-brown color and are very small with a flat shape, and they leave tiny red bite marks that will itch like crazy. While the itchiness and bite marks will slowly disappear without any long term effects on your health, there can be other, more serious, side effects from flea bites. Did you know fleas carry diseases and parasites? Therefore, you must pest control fleas – for the safety of you and your family.

Fleas typically live for about 100 days, during which time they will produce around 500 eggs, meaning one flea can become a few hundred fleas in a short amount of time. We can all agree that nobody wants a yard full of fleas that can hitch a ride on our pets and get carried into the house. The best way to handle the situation is to pest control fleas as quickly as possible, and then once the exterminator has done their job you just keep up the preventative work. This includes things like vacuuming frequently, wash bedding and other clothes in hot water – including pet bedding and check your pets daily for any signs of fleas. Thankfully for you Expert Pest Solutions have developed our own effective pest control fleas method that takes the pain of dealing with fleas out of your hands.

Expert Pest Solutions offers a one-time service option to help you deal with the flea issues quickly. This service is not recommended to achieve long term control or to reduce pest pressure long term on your home. Pricing does depend on the severity and type of pest problem you may be facing. All our one time service options have a 60 day guarantee as well – so if we don’t pest control fleas the first time, we will the second! If you call us out for fleas and it takes 3 treatments over 2 months to solve you only pay the initial price.

We service the entire Springfield metro including the areas of Ozark, Nixa, Republic, Rogersville, and Strafford, providing clients with everything they need for a pest free home. We can be reached by calling (417) 413-4776 or visiting our website. We’ll help you to pest control fleas in your home and prevent them in the future. Treatments are effective, safe, and affordable! Give us a call today!

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