Pest Control Brown Recluse; How to Identify Them

Brown recluse spider lurking

You should pest control brown recluse spiders as soon as possible. Even if you aren’t seeing a lot of spider activity, it doesn’t mean they aren’t around, especially brown recluse. Brown recluse (Loxosceles reclusa, Sicariidae) isn’t normally aggressive in its behavior, but if they feel threatened, they will bite. Therefore, it’s important to pest control brown recluse spiders using Expert Pest Solutions today!

Brown recluse bites are painful and can be serious due to the necrotic venom injected. We have all heard horror stories of how someone was bitten by a brown recluse spider. Our area of the Midwest is notorious for these pesky spiders. All too often you don’t even know you’ve been bitten by a brown recluse spider until the bite becomes inflamed and tender to the touch and the destruction of the skin has become advanced. The most effective pest control brown recluse spiders is to hire a professional pest control team to eliminate them. The female brown recluse lives inside walls, storage boxes and other out of the way places where pest control companies do not typically spray. The male spider hides out or leaves the area when pest control technicians do their spraying. An important first step of pest control brown recluse spiders is to educate yourself as to what they look like, their preferred habitat and food sources.

Being able to identify a brown recluse on sight and eliminate the places they like to hide is critical to keeping them away from your home. To effectively pest control brown recluse spiders you must do your research. You won’t see them out in the open, but more likely will discover them in the back of a dark closet or forgotten box. The brown recluse lives in clusters, so when you see one, you can be sure there are many more that you don’t see. The brown recluse is easy to identify because it has the unique characteristic of a violin-shaped mark on its back that is a darker color than the rest of its brown body and legs. The brown recluse also has only six eyes – unlike other spiders that have eight, and the legs of the brown recluse have several very thin hairs.

To be transparent, pest control brown recluse spiders is difficult because they do not leave residual traces of their existence whereas most insects do. ‘Effective population management is possible’ with the use of glue traps as stated by the Kansas University. Prevention and pest control brown recluse spiders can be a task but there are several ways you can help prevent and avoid contact with them. Eliminating clutter in storage areas, frequently dusting, and vacuuming around windows, corners of rooms and closets and under furniture to remove dead insects, spiders, webs, and egg sacs, will help you pest control brown recluse spiders. There are several other specific actions you can take that will help keep infestations from taking place, such as:

  • Shake out clothing that has been in a laundry basket before wearing.
  • Check inside shoes and boots that have been sitting in a dark closet.
  • Knock down all the spider webs you encounter, focusing on the outside of your home.
  • Keep tall grass and thick vegetation away from the foundation of your home.

It is important to identify if you have an infestation of these dangerous pests to properly pest control brown recluse spiders. Call the pros at Expert Pest Solutions in Springfield, MO today to schedule a thorough inspection of your attic, basement, and the area outside your home to treat for brown recluse spider problems before they begin. We will identify any conditions that may exist that would increase the risk of future pest problems. While we are based in Springfield, MO we service the surrounding communities of Ozark, Nixa, Republic, Rogersville, and Strafford. We provide free estimates as well! Call us at (417) 413-4776 or visit us online.