Pest Control Brown Recluse and Their Hiding Spots

The best time to pest control brown recluse is all the time! Brown recluse spiders are expert hiders, and they make their homes in places you wouldn’t think to look. A bite from one of these spiders can be painful and even deadly. Thankfully for you, we’re the experts on pests! When you need to pest control brown recluse spiders, call Expert Pest Solutions!

Although most spiders are harmless, they are still not something you want crawling around in your home. Pest control brown recluse spiders is the safest option for you and your family. Brown recluse spiders are easily recognized by the violin shaped marking on the back, and it has long thin legs that extend up to a half dollar in size. It is a light brown to greyish in color and has only six eyes – unlike other spiders that have eight. Brown recluse is one of only two venomous spiders in the state of Missouri, and it is very common in most households. While they frequently cohabitate with humans with no issues, once a bite does happen, you’re in trouble. Most times you won’t even know you’ve been bitten until the bite becomes inflamed and tender to the touch and the destruction of the skin has become necrotic. Symptoms of a brown recluse bite may include a red area of skin that may form a blister, mild to intense pain and itching for 2-8 hours after the bite, and development of an open sore that develops a week or more after the bite.

So, when doing pest control brown recluse spiders, what is the most common place to check? The female brown recluse lives inside walls, storage boxes and other out of the way places where pest control companies do not typically spray. It is important to clear out as much as you can safely before having pest control come in. This ensures that no females will be hiding in boxes that won’t get sprayed. The male spider hides out or leaves the area when pest control technicians do their spraying; this can be problematic when they come back into the household after the spraying is done. You won’t commonly see them out in the open, but more likely will discover them in the back of a dark closet or forgotten box. They also live in clusters, so if there’s one, there are many! Brown recluse mating season is between April and early July, and during this time female spiders can produce up to 5 egg sacks, each containing up to 50 eggs. That’s a lot of spiders that you don’t want to be dealing with – so be sure to pest control brown recluse with the experts. Some other things you can do to reduce infestations are:

  • Utilize glue traps in hidden corners, as well as vacuuming out corners of the rooms that aren’t always used and under furniture.
  • Shake out clothing that has been in a laundry basket before wearing, and don’t stack laundry for long periods of time. Also – check all shoes or boots that have been in dark areas before wearing.
  • Keep thick vegetation away from the areas directly next to your home

Our service for pest control brown recluse is a special service resulting from many years of research to find the best products that work. Brown recluses are tricky and don’t leave trails or scents like other pests. Our experts can help! We offer pest control service programs for brown recluse spiders as well as many other common pests such as ants, silverfish, termites, roaches, and rodents. We also serve areas all around the greater Springfield metro including Ozark, Nixa, Republic, Rogersville, and Strafford. If you need professional services to pest control brown recluse spiders – call Expert Pest Solutions today via our website or phone (417) 413-4776. Let us know how we can help de-bug you!