Mosquito Season Is Upon Us

Spring time is beautiful weather, beautiful flowers, windows open, everyone outside for activities and it can all be ruined by those nasty mosquitoes. When temperatures reach a consistent 50 degrees, mosquito eggs begin hatching and the mosquito season begins. It’s looking like mosquito season in Springfield, Missouri, as temperatures have moved into the 60’s and 70’s. When these unbearable pests arrive, it will be tempting to hide inside. Mosquitoes will ruin our outdoor fun and expose us to disease. How do we combat mosquitos and save our spring and summer activities? Prevention, repellants, screens, and mosquito control services are your best bets.

Mosquito Season

Mosquito Season


Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water sources such as storm drains, old tires, children’s wading pools and birdbaths. Making sure you check around your home and keep stagnant water to a minimum by replacing any and all standing water at least once a week.


When everyone is outside enjoying their outdoor activities, using bug repellant is great against mosquito bites. Citronella candles are great for outdoor areas and give a radial protection. Use insect repellent containing DEET on exposed skin whenever or wherever mosquitoes are likely to bite. Avoid going outdoors when and where mosquitoes are most active, during dusk or dawn.


We all love fresh air, so screens must be the way to go. Screens can help as there are some types of screens that can clip to windows that aren’t built with slats to hold screens. You can get fixed height and width which are adjustable. Just open the window, insert the screen, and lower the window back down.

Mosquito Control Services

Expert Pest Solutions can provide you with mosquito control solutions. We will visit your home to deliver a convenient and effective mosquito control treatment to rid your yard of mosquitoes. Learn more about our services or contact us for a consultation.

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