More Spiders Crawling Indoors as Temps Rise, Drought Worsens

Expert Pest Solutions owner, Brian Pickens, was featured as a pest control expert on a news segment about spiders on local TV Station, KOLR 10.

The extreme heat mixed with the recent drought has created the perfect environment for an increase of spiders to dwell in your home.

Spiders are more likely to move inside right now because they are looking for water and shade.

The best way to protect your house from spiders is to knock down all spider webs and focus on the outside of the house rather than the inside.

It is best to spray a barrier that is 5-10 feet around your house to stop spiders from getting inside.

[Expert Pest Solutions] suggests not spraying chemicals inside of your home by yourself because you could be creating more of a problem by inhaling the sprays than actually solving the problem with spiders.

View a video of the segment and read more on KOLR 10′s website.

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