Roaches: Identifying and Eliminating Roaches in Springfield Missouri

How do you get rid of roaches once they’ve infested your home? Expert Pest Control Solutions of Springfield, Missouri has successfully treated homes to exterminate and prevent roaches enumerable times. Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests in the world, and also one of the most difficult to eliminate.

Expert-Pest-Control-Roaches-Springfield-MissouriThe three most common species of cockroaches in the United States are German, Oriental and the American roach. They can be attracted to your home for a variety of reasons. The most common roach in the US is the German cockroach. This roach is attracted to water, so it makes sense that you should eliminate water sources in your home – such as leaks under the kitchen sink, or an overflow tray under a refrigerator, which are two favorite hide-outs for roaches.

There are other methods to prevent cockroach infestation, as well, such as proper food storage and daily cleaning. Once the roaches have entered your home, they search for food, water and shelter. They multiply quickly. A large roach infestation can be a threat to your health, so it is vitally important that when you first notice roaches, you take steps to eliminate them. Roaches carry bacteria that can result in food poisoning, diarrhea, allergies and skin rashes, and when they reach large numbers, they produce a foul odor that permeates your home. Calling a pest control expert is an important first step – these are professionals who have the expertise and experience using tried-and-true methods to get rid of roaches.

Some people identify roaches as “water bugs” because they are found in moist areas; another name for them is “kitchen roaches”, because that’s where they usually hang out the most, but don’t kid yourself – they can occupy any part of your home, and in particularly heavy infestations, can be found literally in every part of your home – climbing walls, inside furniture, even inside your dish cabinets. There is no place immune to roach infestation once they take hold.

So how do they get inside in the first place? They can hitchhike in used appliances, grocery bags or boxes, items purchased at flea markets, or even from a friend’s home….they can also wander in from outdoors. Determining how they got in, where they came from, is an important step in the process of pest control in your Springfield, Missouri home.

A lot of off-the-shelf products for eliminating roaches are ineffective and a waste of money – when you find that you have a large infestation of roaches, you need to call for professional pest control of roaches in your Springfield, Missouri home. Expert Pest Control Solutions is waiting for your call!

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