Ant Exterminator In Springfield, Missouri Gets Rid Of Infestations

Expert-Pest-Solutions-Ant-Exterminator-in-Springfield-Missouri-blogAn ant exterminator in Springfield, Missouri, can help with these hard-to-get-rid-of pests, especially carpenter ants, which can cause significant damage to your home. We’ve heard many stories of carpenter ant destruction, and if you don’t eliminate all of them, they will continue causing damage. With the help of a trained pest control technician, your home can be treated for all species of ants.   

Ants are one of the most industrious and hard-working pests there are and it takes a lot to keep them out of your home. Once they establish a colony they reproduce prolifically and before you know it you’ve got a major infestation! Don’t be fooled – even if you only see a few ants scurrying along the floor, for every ant you do see, there are hundreds or even thousands more that you don’t see.

ant pest control solutions springfield moAlthough an ant infestation isn’t dangerous, they are a nuisance, and it’s a good idea to call for an ant exterminator in Springfield, Missouri to eliminate them all. If you’re unsure if you have an ant infestation, here are the top 9 signs that could confirm your suspicions.

  1. Exposed Food. When ants are present you’ll see them crawling all over food that is left out, especially sweets. 
  2. Pet Dishes. Same as with people food – ants aren’t picky. They’re attracted to anything they can make a meal out of.   
  3. Scout Ants. As the name implies, these little guys are out scouting for food and can be found in any room of your home. This can indicate you have a major infestation.
  4. Outdoors. Look for little piles of dirt with ants on the move all around it. These can often be found next to exterior walls. While it may seem insignificant, there are a kazillion ants just underneath the pest ant exterminator
  5. Scurrying Noises. This is an indication of ants inside the walls or ceiling.
  6. Nasty Odor. An unpleasant smell can be caused by the food ants carry.  
  7. Feces, Urine, or Dead Bodies. Very unpleasant indicators of an ant infestation.
  8. Sawdust Trails. Carpenter ants love wood! If you see small trails of sawdust around your home, inside or outside, it’s likely that you have ants.
  9. Hollow Sounds. Wooden beams, walls, and floorboards should have a dense, solid noise when you knock on it. If it sounds hollow, it means you probably have a pest problem inside your wooden structures.

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to ants. You should make it a habit to dispose of food waste quickly and appropriately, cleaning up spills and putting leftovers in airtight containers. It also helps to seal any small gaps around windows and doors and remove sources for water such as leaky faucets and pipes. Outside you can store woodpiles away from the house or outdoor shed, and keep dead tree limbs and brush away from the house.

springfield mo ant infestations pest controlThe main thing to remember is that ants love food, water, and wood. Doing all of the above will reduce your risk of ants, but – like any pest problem – it won’t eliminate the risk completely. Be sure to regularly check your home for these signs of an ant infestation, to prevent any small problem from turning into a much larger – and more expensive – pest control issue.

Expert Pest Solutions is a professional ant exterminator in Springfield, Missouri, who has effectively been treating ant infestations for years. When you need our help, we’re just a phone call away! Ask about our Quarterly Pest Control plan!

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